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June 25, 2018

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When making selections for the design of a new home, many buyers are focused on the obvious. Things like kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and wall colours get most of the attention, but the lighting in the home is what will bring it all to life. At Sterling Homes, we understand the importance of good lighting – that’s why we’ve partnered with Chateau Lighting.

Superior Sterling Suppliers: Chateau Lighting Image

Lighting Your New Home

The type of lighting you choose sets the tone for every room you enter. In the kitchen, for instance, track lighting provides the light you need to work well in any spot. A chandelier over the dining room table gives an elegant feel. You can even incorporate lighting outside the home to illuminate your landscaping. You can see all of the options available at Sterling’s designQ design centre, but some styles to consider are: 

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Under-cabinet lights
  • Track lighting
  • Architectural lighting

To choose the right lights for a room, think about how you’ll use the room. Bright lights work well as task lights. You want them when you’re preparing dinner, putting on makeup, or working at the computer. Soft lighting sets a more relaxed tone. You probably want these types of lights in areas where you’ll spend time relaxing, like the living room and bedroom.

Supporting Local Businesses

At Sterling, we believe strongly in supporting local businesses. Our customers are a valuable part of the community, and working with small businesses keeps the local economy booming. You’ll see all of our suppliers have local origins, and this is true of Chateau Lighting. 

The Chateau Lighting Advantage

Chateau Lighting offers a wide range of lighting options, and the company is strongly focused on providing value to its customers. 

The company’s employees are also highly trained and experienced. This breadth of knowledge means you can trust their advice when it comes to the lighting in your home.

Lamps Too

While all of the rooms in your home will include some type of lighting, we know many families also incorporate stylish lamps throughout the space. Chateau Lighting offers many stand-alone choices. We think you’ll be so happy with the lighting selections that come with your home build, you’ll want to purchase additional lamps directly through their shop. You can easily get advice, and the company will deliver your new lamps right to your door.

As you design the interior and exterior of your home, don’t forget to cast the right mood with proper lighting. With products from Chateau Lighting, you won’t have to worry about quality.

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