Top Tips: Moving From BC to Alberta

January 20, 2022

Top Tips: Moving from BC to Alberta - Featured Image

Families from all over Canada have asked the question… “Should I move to Alberta?” And we now there are a lot of people who come from BC. There are many great reasons to move from British Columbia to Alberta. Some of these include the more affordable cost of living – including housing prices, lower taxes, and shorter commute times. 

Edmonton, specifically, is a family-friendly, multi-cultural city that’s known for its various festivals and celebrations every year. It’s also considered to be one of the top Canadian cities for great quality of life! If you’re considering a move from BC to Alberta, here’s a list of things to consider to ensure your move is a smooth one.

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Benefits of Moving from BC to Alberta

Housing prices are significantly lower in Alberta than in BC. The average cost of a single-family home in Edmonton is less than half that in Vancouver, and that includes the average price of a brand-new home. For the cost of a fixer-upper in Vancouver, you could purchase two brand-new homes in Edmonton!

For these more affordable home prices, you also gain square footage. The average single-family home is 1,500-2,000 square feet, plus you have plenty of choice about the type of lot your home is built on and in which neighbourhood.

An overall lower cost of living is observed in Alberta, with lower housing prices but also lower taxes. Alberta doesn’t have a Provincial Sales Tax, so the only tax you’ll pay is the federal GST. This applies to everything typically taxable that your family purchases, including your home, vehicle, and goods and services.

Albertans love the outdoors. There are year-round festivals and events to enjoy, but also access to mountains, lakes, and endless parks and recreational facilities in the city to choose from. If you have an active lifestyle in BC and like being around nature, you won’t need to sacrifice your favourite activities when you move to Alberta.

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Commute Times

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and the commute times are relatively efficient thanks to our ring road – Anthony Henday Drive – that circles the entire city. If you work downtown, there are several major thoroughfares leading into the city’s core from all quadrants. But Edmonton’s overall layout is designed to spread traffic throughout the city. The general workforce is found in all parts of the city, typically making your commute within 30 minutes.

Edmonton has several suburban communities surrounding the city in all directions. All these communities are connected by high-capacity freeways and highways, opening further options for your preferred residential community. Living in these outlying areas doesn’t mean adding lots of time to your commute; most are within 10-15 minutes of the outer city limits.

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Potential Costs to Move

If you choose to hire a professional, full-service moving company, depending on the amount of furniture and boxes you are moving, the costs can range from $80 – $100 per hour within a city. For the average 3-bedroom home, you can expect to pay around $7,500-$10,000 for complete point-to-point moving services. Makes sure you research the cost to hire movers 

Be sure to get quotes from at least three companies when making your selection and be wary of any quote that seems extremely low (such as anything under $2,500). Hidden charges can pop up on or after moving day in these cases, and this is the last thing you want to encounter when you have other things to handle.

Do your due diligence when choosing a moving company. A relocation to a new province is a significant move, and you want to be able to trust the company moving your family’s personal items. Be sure to ask plenty of questions, including what your moving quote includes and whether there is potential for additional fees after the move is completed.

If you prefer to save some money on your move, you could rent a DIY moving van (ie: a U-Haul) or even choose a moving container. With a moving container, the company parks the container on your driveway in advance, allowing you time to fill it. Once it’s ready, they pick it up and move it to your new location, allowing you time to unpack it before taking it away once you’re finished. This option can typically save you about 20%-40% on the cost of a full-service moving company.

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Top Tips: Moving from BC to Alberta - Movers

Your Pre-Move Task List

To make your move easier, there are some tasks you can tackle before you arrive.

Arrange for utility, phone, and Internet hook-ups at your new address. Obviously, you’ll need to physically be there for some of these services but arranging them in advance means you can avoid potential waiting periods once you arrive as some of these services book 1-2 weeks out.

Set up your vehicle and home insurance in advance so it’s valid once you arrive. Although you have a small grace period once you’ve moved to register your vehicle in Alberta, it is always best to do it in advance so it’s just one less thing to think about once you have moved.

Once you’ve moved, visit a registry office to change your driver’s license and/or identification card. Since you’ll need your photo taken to complete this, you’ll have to tackle this after you’ve moved. Also, you’ll want to contact Alberta Health Services to obtain a new health card.

Moving from BC to Alberta is a major decision, but if you’re looking to reduce your overall cost of living without sacrificing your lifestyle, the move is worth it. Lower housing costs and lower taxes in Alberta are great incentives to make the move, giving you and your family more financial and personal freedom. Edmonton is a vibrant, family-oriented city, and a fantastic place to live.

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