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Escape to SummerWood, a charming creekside community in Sherwood Park. Tucked away in the ideal neighbourhood setting, SummerWood offers a beautiful natural environment with easy access to major arteries and highways. Experience the charm of creekside living with SummerWood's fully landscaped parks, paved walking trails, family friendly playgrounds. Find the new home you want at a price you can afford.

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New Home Communities - Edmonton

There's nothing quite like buying new. Instead of a thoroughly lived-in home with all the nagging problems to match, a new home gives you a blank slate along with the newest appliances and finishes for you to start things out right. Better yet, new home communities in Edmonton extend the new home benefit beyond the home to the entire neighborhood, providing all the best that modern development and planning has to offer. 

But while new home communities in Edmonton might not be the most affordable option on the market, after you consider the purchase price and necessary work or upgrades you'll have to do to a previously owned home, you might even come out even or ahead -- and after it's all said and done, you won't get the same warranties that a new home construction provides, which can put a significant portion of your budget in jeopardy. 

Beyond the financial implications of buying a used fixer-upper, the benefits of new home communities in Edmonton are readily apparent, and moving into a perfectly clean and pristine home in a modern, master-planned neighborhood cannot be overstated. The lack of surprises down the line is also a nice protection against chewing into your maintenance budget, which many experts pin at one percent of your home's value per year. That could end up costing you tens of thousands in repairs over the first few years of home ownership, and you'd still be no closer to having the home of your dreams.

Furthermore, when you go with a reputable builder that has been building new home communities in Edmonton for decades, you won't run into problems that may afflict younger, more inexperienced builders. Both the quality and reliability of each home is the domain of the builder, and a builder that's out of their element could leave you with a problematic new home that could need the equivalent work of a previously owned home. 

On the other hand, builders that have produced quality homes time and again are sought after because of their superior construction standards and appropriate design choices. That's good news for those that want a home that looks and functions great today and will continue to do so well into the future. Reputable builders also back their work with home warranties that protect materials and workmanship from defects for years, which allows you to spend a bit more on the purchase price since maintenance essentially drops to nothing for a new home build.

While it's not like a new home is impervious to any sort of repair bill, the limited upkeep and low maintenance of purchasing in new home communities in Edmonton means that you can forget about any issues with your new home for years after purchase. Compared to a used home that could demand large amounts of repairs and renovations to get things where you'd like them to be, a new home is always move-in ready and up to code when it comes to wiring, plumbing and other tricky bits that could require costly renovations to make them safe and habitable. 

Unlike older homes, new home constructions also tend to have larger rooms and more open, modern floor plans -- something that you really can't change with a used home unless you gut it all and invest a considerable amount in a large renovation project. With an older home, you'll either have to learn to live with it or double down on your investment with a costly in-place build that could end up far exceeding a new home build.

New home communities in Edmonton also keep their value rather well, and they often come with valuable community amenities such as parks and public spaces that can be enjoyed by anyone that lives in the community. They also come with modern landscaping and tend to have more surrounding greenery than the mish-mash of older communities that may only be loosely held together by proximity and not much else.

A crucial component of new home communities in Edmonton is that they are outfitted with the latest in energy efficiency and other environmentally friendly options that are good for Mother Earth as well as your pocketbook. Instead of a tricky furnace, water heater and central air system that may be on the verge of total replacement, you'll be getting new, energy efficient systems that should last decades -- in addition to modern, energy efficient windows, toilets and thermostats that could allow you to live a more carbon-neutral life.

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In addition to all the benefits of living in new home communities in Edmonton, we invite you to take a look at a brief overview of the different parts of town below for more information on what’s available:

North East

If you’re looking at new homes in McConachie Heights, Manning Village or Cy Becker, you’re going to find something that’s great for raising a family and living the classic suburban life.

North West

If you’re thinking of perusing the new homes in Kinglet, Edmonton’s “hidden gem” according to many, or you’d like to take a closer look at other bucolic areas that include Newcastle, College Woods at Second or Secord Heights, Sterling Homes has options available for you.

South West

One of the fastest-growing areas in Edmonton is in the South West community, as different neighborhoods and developments are adding a whole new vibe of lifestyle there. in addition to new homes in Crimson in Creekwood in Chappelle, you’ll also be able to choose from inventory in any of the following thriving communities: 

South East

New homes in Aster, Edmonton’s new “flower-centric” community that’s named after the beautiful bloom, are coming soon. If you’d like to get in early in sought-after areas such as Laurel Crossing and Orchards, you’ve found your destination. 

Fort Saskatchewan

If you’d like to live a little bit outside of Edmonton but still close enough to get there quickly, Fort Saskatchewan is your place. At Sienna, you’re never more than a few clicks from quality schools and other amenities that make your life fuller and easier.

Sherwood Park

New homes in Sherwood Park offer you the best of both worlds: You’re mere minutes from major thoroughfares but you’re also living creekside, meaning you get a piece of nature to enjoy every day. 

Spruce Grove

Choose from models in Springate or Tonewood, although you can’t really go wrong with either option. Each community offers ideal family living and the convenience of proximity to whatever you may need.

Stony Plain

New homes in Stony Plain are available in communities that include Westerra, Silverstone and SouthCreek. If you want to be surrounded by nature, you’ll get that in these communities with a nearby natural reserve.