7 Advantages of a New Edmonton Single Family Home

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December 15, 2017

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If you’ve been thinking about getting a new home, you know there are so many choices – townhomes and detached homes; resale and brand-new homes; and a wide variety of different communities. The first step is to really think about what you want in a home. We know there are a lot of advantages to purchasing a brand-new single-family in Edmonton, and we think that after learning a bit more, you’ll agree. 


Modern building techniques mean sharing a wall in a duplex home or townhome doesn’t have to mean sharing your neighbour’s noise. But you still might feel these types of homes don’t have quite as much privacy as you want. You’ve done your time living in apartments and condos, and you really want to move into a space that feels like your own. With a single family home, you won’t have to worry about sharing the walls, the driveway, or the yard. It’s all yours.

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When you purchase a brand-new home, you’re able to personalize it the way you want. You can choose the types of cabinets, the colours, and all of the other little details. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of buying a brand-new home rather than a resale home. You can truly make the home your own from the ground up.

A Bigger Backyard

If you’re like most families, you dream about having a backyard that’s big enough for your kids to play. Maybe you want the space for a pool or a big wooden playset. Maybe you want a beautiful patio with a fire pit. These things are possible when you have a single family home. You can even put up a fence to make sure your pets and kids stay in the safety of their own yard. 

Energy Efficiency

Modern homes are built using the latest techniques and building materials. This often means the home is far more energy-efficient than drafty older homes. You can always make some improvements to older homes, but there are some things you can’t change, like the home’s orientation toward the sun. These little things make a big difference. A brand-new home might cost a bit more than a resale home, but a lot of people find that the lower energy costs start to level the playing field.

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Whether you’re a nervous first-time homebuyer or someone purchasing their second or third home, you know you don’t want to deal with costly repairs soon after you move in. Anyone buying a resale home will get an inspection to make sure the home is in good condition, but that doesn’t mean things won’t break down. If you already know you want a single-family home and are deciding between resale and brand-new homes, think about the new home warranties you get with a brand-new home. You’ll feel a lot more confident knowing you won’t have to make any repairs within the first few years of living in the home.

Storage Space

Everyone purchasing a new home should think about their storage needs. Condos and townhomes work well for single professionals, young couples, and minimalists, but they often have far less storage space than single-family homes. A single-family home from Sterling will have plenty of options for built-in storage, including large closets in the bedrooms and benches in the mudroom. You’ll also get a large garage and basement for storage. This extra space is essential when you have kids.

Choice of Community

The other great thing about new single-family homes in Edmonton is that you’re able to choose the community you live in. Sterling builds brand-new homes in a wide variety of communities throughout Edmonton, including Langdale, Westerra, Secord, and Tamarack Common. Even within a community, you often have a choice of several different lots. For instance, you could choose whether you want to live near the community playground or on a quieter cul de sac. It’s easy to start your home search by looking for the types of amenities you want. There’s sure to be a home that meets your needs. 

Sterling has homes to meet the needs and budget of just about every family. Come take a tour of our showhomes to see what your next home could look like. We know you’ll be happy with the wide variety of options.

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