The Best Colours to Use When Selling Your Home

June 7, 2019

The Best Colours to Use When Selling Your Home Featured Image

A fresh coat of paint is the best way to get your home ready to sell, but are some colours much better than others? You bet!

It’s hard to please everyone, so most experts suggest going with a neutral colour. This allows potential buyers to imagine what the home will look like with their own items. Of course, it’s important to note that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, painting your home in colours like white or beige may even decrease the value of the home.

Our colour suggestions will make your home stand out while still falling into a somewhat neutral category. You still have quite a few choices.

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The Best Colours to Use When Selling Your Home Blue Image
Shades of Blue

Blue is a nice, calming colour, and it’s one of the best choices if you are looking to add some real colour to the place without making super-bold choices. In fact, you can use blue in a few different rooms to great effect. For instance, in the kitchen, people are putting a grey-blue colour on the walls or on the cabinets for a beautiful look, while pale blue in the bathroom is also a popular choice. In the bedroom, you can choose a true blue – something in the cerulean family, though you probably don’t want to go too dark or too bright. Even in the dining room, some people are choosing to have navy blue on the walls, as long as it’s paired with white shiplap on the bottom third of the wall. Navy in the dining room might be too bold for some people, but others will love it.

The Best Colours to Use When Selling Your Home Purple Image
Shades of Purple

Blue is a classic choice, but purple is the colour of royalty. It’s not quite as common as some of the other colours on the list, so this can really make a home stand out. Light purple is a great choice for the powder room or one of the bathrooms in the home. It also looks nice on the walls of the kids’ bedrooms. Again, you probably want to go with something soft. If the shade you choose is dark and the potential buyers don’t like it, they might worry about how hard it will be to cover it up with something different.

The Best Colours to Use When Selling Your Home Brown Image
Shades of Brown

Not sure what colour to paint the living room? Try a light shade of brown, such as a hazelnut or oatmeal. It’s different enough to stand out, while still being neutral enough to match almost any furniture your potential buyers already have. Choose a version with warm undertones to give the room a cozy feel, but make sure that it’s not too dark. You want the room to feel open and airy, not heavy.

Shades of Grey

For those who really want to stick with neutral colours, a light grey colour can be your best bet. It has a softer look than the bright white or cream colours that landlords seem to favour for their apartments, so any buyers who are currently renting will definitely feel like this is a step up. The other nice thing about grey is that there can be so many variations of it, and each one can look nice in a home. For instance, you can go with a slate grey if you want something that’s somewhat dramatic, or a light grey if you want something bright. Grey can also have undertones of various colours, such as pinks, greens, or blues. While grey is a fairly safe choice that can look good in just about any room, you probably don’t want to use it on every wall in the home. Add some variety with different colours in different rooms.

Shades of Orange

It could be surprising to hear that we’ve put orange on our list. It’s true that orange is a somewhat unusual colour choice. However, it’s important to note that “Living Coral” – a pinkish shade of orange – is Pantone’s Colour of the Year this year. It might be a good choice for some accent pieces, even if you don’t want to paint the walls with it. Alternatively, look for a beige with orange undertones. According to feng shui, having orange in the home creates a feeling of happiness, so you can inspire that feeling with this colour.

The colours in your home may not make or break a sale, but neutral colours that have a bit of interest like the ones we’ve mentioned always look good. Whether you’re going to hire a professional painter or do the job yourself, buyers are going to be attracted to your home.

Shades of White

Whether you are looking to sell an apartment or live in it, white is generally a safe option to consider. Apart from maintaining the clean feel and look of the place, it also doubles up as a great feng shui house colour. White represents the metal element and offers clarity and calmness to any space. It is a colour that is easy to complement and its versatile nature makes it a suitable choice for any living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Any buyer who appreciates a simple and pristine look will be attracted to your house.

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