Get the Look: The Rustic Home

November 20, 2017

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While you might like the rustic appeal of an old log cabin, to actually own one might mean enduring drafty windows and high heating bills. The good news is you don’t have to settle for contemporary or modern styles when purchasing a brand-new home (and you don’t have to live in a rickety old cabin either). With a few simple choices, you can create the feel of living in a rustic home with all the new home advantages

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Use Natural Materials

To really capture the rustic style, start with choosing more natural materials for the build of your home. For instance, you might choose hardwood floors throughout the space or laminate flooring to capture the same look with a bit more durability. Choosing wooden cabinets that are stained rather than painted captures the look, and you might even want to have butcher block counters in the kitchen. At the very least, counter materials should be in fairly neutral colours rather than something that really stands out.

Neutral Furniture

Most people who enjoy the rustic look tend to prefer furniture made from wood as well. This keeps with the theme. When it comes to things like sofas, choose neutral colours for these as well. For instance, a light brown suede sofa will look better than something with a floral or plaid pattern. 

Creative Splashes of Color

With a rustic theme, you often have a lot of brown in the home, and this can start to feel boring. Spice things up by adding splashes of colour with items that look homemade. For instance, you might throw a patchwork quilt over the back of the sofa or have a hand-painted wooden sign on the wall. Bouquets of flowers throughout the space can add colour while still giving the home a rustic look. Little touches like these add interest and warmth to your home.

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In your new home, you’ll have the advantages of a central heating system, but it’s still nice to relax by the fire. Some of Sterling’s floor plans include the option to add a fireplace to the living room, but you can also buy standalone fireplaces at stores like Home Depot. These modern versions use gas or electric, and they can really add to the rustic ambience of your home. 

Rustic Storage

Having little storage spaces throughout the home helps keep the areas tidy. To keep with your theme, look for solutions that look natural or old-fashioned. Baskets are a good solution for kids’ toys in the living room. A metal washbasin could be used to hold guest towels in the bathroom or wood by the fireplace. You can often find inexpensive versions of these at craft stores.

Country Accents

Rustic homes tend to feature a lot of “country” accents, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms. For instance, countertop storage containers and dish towels might have themes like sunflowers or plaid. In the bathroom, you might have a patchwork shower curtain. Since these are such popular items for homes, you can typically find things you like at affordable prices. 

Antique Shopping

One of the keys to capturing the rustic look is having old items around the home. You just can’t create this effect out of the Pottery Barn catalogue. Fortunately, it’s fun to go antique shopping. When you’re doing this, remember you’re not really seeking out investment pieces or collector items – just things that will look good in your home. Don’t forget to check out thrift stores and flea markets as well as antique stores. You can get some good deals on home décor at these places.

Outside Views

A log cabin set in the woods has a big advantage with the scenery outside and can be hard to re-create in a suburban setting. However, some of Sterling’s communities are located next to nature reserves so you may be able to get a home with a great view if you’re ready to act quickly. Talk to your Area Manager about your options if this is important to you.

If you’ve been dreaming of a home with a cozy, down-home feel, the rustic look is right for you. As you look through our show homes and tour the designQ design centre , start to take notes about the types of materials that will help you create the look you want. You’ll love getting settled in your new home.

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