8 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Back to School

August 4, 2017

8 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Back to School Featured Image

After a relaxing summer (we hope), it’s time to jumpstart your home for the back-to- school season. With the following tips, both you and your kids can enjoy a seamless transition into the new school year.

1. Everyone Gets a Cubby 

If you have the space in your entryway, consider creating a few designated lockers. These work fabulously for getting you out of the house sooner as you won’t have to go hunting for things in a cramped closet. It also gives kids easy organized access to their everyday items such as backpacks, shoes, and jackets. 

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2. Create a Homework Space

Designated homework spaces are known to help kids in their daily routine. You want to make this space playful and fun so your kids will want to spend time there – but not too much fun, of course. Make sure you enforce some quiet time so there aren’t any distractions available while they study. 

3. Make a Mobile Desk 

Don’t have the room for a designated study area? No problem! This DIY mobile desk is just as good. It can be taken anywhere in the home and is simple to set up for study time. It can also be used for creative things such as after school crafts and colouring.

4. Clean Out Their Closets

Kids are constantly outgrowing clothes – not to mention, they’re a lot harder on their stuff than adults are. Organizing your kids’ closets should take priority before the school year starts; this way you’ll know what your child is missing. Since many back to school sales begin in August, you’ll know what deals you want to snag when the time comes.

5. Back to School Outfit Organizer

No one likes making last minute decisions early in the morning – especially kids! Have your child choose their school outfits for the week ahead of time. You can use this back to school outfit organizer for easier weekday mornings. Don’t forget to put any uniforms for sports in there too as this will make it that much easier for you to get out of the house on time!

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6. Self Serve Snacks 

Designate an area in one of your kitchen cabinets or the pantry for self-serve snack options. You can also do this in the refrigerator using cut up fruits, vegetables, and meats for a quick grab-and-go treat. 

7. Stock Up on Frozen Items 

If you stock your freezer with easy to make dinner options you will be less likely to have nights where you are frantic about making a meal. You can also get pre-made meals where all you have to do is pop it into the oven. 

8. Try A Slow-Cooker Meal 

You can use the frozen items you stocked up on to create a slow-cooker meal that can sit on the counter while you’re at work! (We recommend trying out these slow-cooker taquitos as they’re a family favourite). 

Do you have any helpful back-to-school pointers? We’d love to know! Post your tips in the comments below.

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