First Time Home Buyer Tips

First Time Home Buyer? Are you looking to buy your first home? We know that this decision represents a monumental stage in your life. We also know it can be a big job to build yourself up to the idea of saving and sourcing information. For this reason, we discuss the top 5 basics to help you with your first home purchase.

Tips For First Time Home Buyers:

  1. Know the difference between a Pre-Approval and a Pre-Qualification
  2. Learn about the equity gains of your property
  3. Don’t let emotions make a decision for you
  4. Don’t get into debt before you buy a home – No large purchases before you purchase and are approved
  5. Know that you can access your RRSP for your down payment as a first time home buyer.

Other tips and tricks can be found on our home buyers academy orĀ home buyers guide